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What is SEO web design in 2017

March 17 2017 , Written by Eileen Stiles

Dazzle with Multimedia

Text can only just take your articles up to now. Participating pictures, diagrams and videos can reduce bounce rate and increase time on site: two vital user interaction factors that are rank.
That’s because I steadfastly genuinely believe that it makes my content directly upward better.
But it has a pleasant SEO advantage to boot: multimedia can help you foster those user-interaction signals that Google continues to be paying more attention to. And it raises the perceived value of your content –which means that individuals are prone to link to it.

Add Modifiers For Your Title

Using modifiers “ ”, “guide” that is best, and “review” will assist you to rate for long tail versions of your target key word.

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Lose Keyword in First 100 Words

Your keyword should appear -150 words of your post. Case of utilizing keyword in first 100 words That is a thing that you likely do naturally.
But lots of people start their posts off having a long, meandering intro… and use their key word for the very first time CONSIDERABLY afterwards.
Instead, lose your key word somewhere in the very first 100 words roughly. This helps Google comprehend what your page is all about.


Post Long Content


The Search Engine Optimization adage “length is strength” was supported by our business study which found that longer content tends to rank significantly higher.
Direct for at least 1900 words for each piece of content that you just publish. As a rule, I make sure my articles all have 1000 words of meaty, content that is useful.
More content helps you rank better for your target key word and brings in more long tail traffic… a win-win!

Use SEO-Friendly URLs

Google has said that the first 3-5 words in a URL are given more weight. So make your URLs short and sweet. And always include your target key word in your URL. In other words: Avoid ugly URLs: domain.com/p=123 Or URLs: domain.com/8/6/16/cat=SEO/on-page-seo-is-so-amazing-omg-its-the-best

Use Social Sharing Buttons

Societal signs might not play a primary role in ranking your website. But shares that are social create more eyeballs in your content.
And the more eyeballs you get, the more likely someone is to link to you. So don’t be shy about putting societal sharing buttons conspicuously on your own website. The truth is, a study by BrightEdge found that societal sharing can be increased by notable social sharing buttons .
Social signs aren’t an essential part of the Google algorithm. But societal shares on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google may give you an indirect rankings boost.

Boost Live Time

It tells Google in, if a person hits their back button after landing on a page black-and-white: this is low quality page.
That Google uses “brood time” to size. Improve your typical dwell time by writing long, engaging content that keeps people reading.

Use Internal Links

Internal linking is SO money. Use 2-3 in every post. Check out Wikipedia in the event that you need to see a terrific example of how to internal link on your own internet site.
They add keyword-loaded internal links to every entry: Because they’re Wikipedia, obviously, they're able to get away with 50 internal links per page. I recommend a simpler (and safer) strategy: link to 2-5 senior posts if you print a brand new one.

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